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Mask uses salt coating to kill pathogens, garners award

A new salt coating can be applied to medical masks to kill viruses and bacteria before they penetrate, and a researcher at the University of Alberta has earned an award for her work developing it. When airborne droplets land on »

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Recyclable food trays win awards for Canadian company

Canadian company, Cascades, has launched a recycled and recyclable cardboard tray for food packaging and has won two prizes for it. The product could be a substitute for styrofoam trays which are often used in Canada to package meat and »


Quiet but worrisome change in Canadian agriculture

There’s an important trend that’s taking place in Canada’s farming sector in the Canadian prairies. A new study has found that a relatively small number of operations control the larger part of farmland in each of the prairie provinces. Alberta, »

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Pandemic has not curbed record levels of GHG emissions: UN

For those who may have hoped the global pandemic and lockdowns might have reduced emissions contributing to climate change, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is saying not really. There are still “record levels of greenhouse gases which are trapping heat »


COVID-19: worsening a lesser known public health crisis

This is National Addictions Awareness Week While headlines across the country describe an increase in COVID-19 infections and concerns of medical professionals and new government imposed restrictions on gatherings and businesses, another deadly public health issue is occurring overshadowed by »

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Canadian sports fans win one and lose one as they prep for next year

In normal times, yesterday was supposed to approach something resembling a low-key national holiday–a Sunday when Canadians across the country would gather with friends and family to join in a long-time, late fall ritual: the viewing of the Grey Cup, »

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Urgent, alcohol-related hospital visits predict death risk: study

People who go to a hospital emergency department (ED) because of alcohol use have a greater risk of death, according to a study done in the Canadian province of Ontario. And the more times they go for this reason, the »

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Canada History: Nov 23, 1968- Passing of a landmark inventor

Very few Canadians will know the name of Henry Seth Taylor, a jeweler and clockmaker in Stanstead Quebec. Nor will they know the names William Still and Frederick B. Fetherstonhaugh of Toronto. The name George Foote Foss, is also a »

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As expected, Canada and U.K. ink a post-Brexit (interim) trade agreement

As expected–and predicted by many, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this month–Canada and the United Kingdom have agreed to a new trade deal. The interim agreement will take effect Jan. 1, when the U.K. severs ties with the European »

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G20 leaders promise developing countries they be won’t left out in COVID fight

Canada joined other Group of 20 countries on the weekend to promise developing nations that they will not be left out when the time comes to distribute COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics and medical equipment. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the other »