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COVID-19 is not influenza, but teaches useful lessons: study

COVID-19 is definitely not influenza, but the way the pandemic was handled teaches some good lessons about how to fight the annual cases of flu. Researchers at Concordia University in Montreal and colleagues studied influenza figures from Canada, the U.S., »

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Canada’s lobster dispute goes international

A dispute over lobster fishing in Canada’s east coast maritime provinces has been simmering for years. Pitting Indigenous groups against regulated commercial fishers, it boiled over into violence last year in Nova Scotia. Indigenous fishers say they have treaty and »

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Canada urges Arctic science collaboration and Indigenous research priorities

Canada pushed for more Arctic research collaboration and for “meaningful and respectful partnerships between Arctic researchers and Indigenous peoples” at a two-day meeting of science ministers that concluded in Japan on Sunday. The 3rd Arctic Science Ministerial held in Tokyo »

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Struggle to preserve ancient forests in west coast B.C. from logging continues

The coastal areas of Vancouver Island, and the parts of the coastal mainland of British Columbia on Canada”s Pacific coast are home to some of the oldest trees anywhere. Giant trees of 800 to over 1,000 years old were once »

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Privacy watchdog warns facial recognition tools endanger human rights

Facial recognition technology can enable widespread surveillance, provide biased results and erode other human rights, says Canada’s privacy commissioner. In a presentation to a parliamentary committee, Daniel Therrien warned that the technology has the potential to be “extremely privacy invasive.”  »

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Canada ‘concerned’ by escalation of violence between Israel and Palestinians

Tensions between Palestinians and Israel dramatically escalated on Monday as Hamas militants fired a salvo of rockets into Israel, after hundreds of Palestinians were hurt in clashes with Israeli police at a flashpoint religious site in Jerusalem. The early evening »

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Minister promotes Indigenous mental health

Six out of 10 Indigenous people in Canada report that their mental health has worsened since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to government statistics. The largest contributors to their troubles have been physical distancing, not being able to »

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Canada scheduled to receive 2M doses of Pfizer vaccine

Pfizer-BioNTech is expected to ship over two million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine to Canada this week as several provinces ramp up their immunization campaigns. The pharmaceutical giant will then gradually boost its deliveries to Canada from the current level »

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Climate change threatens species, especially some with small homes 

If the pandemic has made you think your home is too small, pity the Canadian species with tiny homes which could be wiped out by climate change. This is the pitch made by The Committee on the Status of Endangered »

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Housing in Canada, unaffordable, but selling like mad

It is a conundrum. For years, literally, even decades analysts have been saying Canada’s housing market is overheated and the bubble will burst. For just as long, housing prices have kept on rising, but of late, even faster. This is »