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COVID-19: Closings, cancellations, collapse. clean cash

The feeling among medical experts is that Canada has yet to see the peak in COVID-19 cases. To that end more closings have been announced in an effort to prevent transmission among people.  Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, has just »

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Inuit group calls for air transportation to be designated as essential service

As the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic grounds many of Canada’s air carriers to halt, the country’s national Inuit organization is calling on the federal government to designate air transportation to remote Arctic communities as an essential service. Inuit Tapiriit »

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U.S. troops at the border: Idea is scrapped…’for now’

CBC News has confirmed reports that the United States has dropped a proposal to station American troops near the U.S.-Canada border as part of a COVID-19 containment strategy. The CBC’s Catherine Tunney, Philip Ling and Katie Simpson report that a »

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RCMP issues warning following coughing threats against officers

Authorities in Nova Scotia are reporting a handful of incidents across the province in which people who claim to have COVID-19 have threatened to deliberately cough on RCMP police officers. No charges have yet been laid, but the RCMP says »

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Trudeau promises surge of made-in-Canada masks, ventilators and testing kits

The federal government has signed contracts with three Canadian companies to make ventilators, surgical masks, test kits and other medical supplies over the coming weeks to cope with the country’s rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 cases, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau »

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Quebec Solidaire asks for 30 day grace period on rent and mortgages

With the first of April looming, Quebec Solidaire, a political party in Quebec, has suggested giving people a 30 day grace period to pay their rent or mortgages this month, according to a press release from the party on Tuesday. »

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Frontline healthcare workers need better support, emergency physicians warn

Canada’s already undermanned and overstretched frontline healthcare workers fighting to stop the spread of COVID-19 need better physical and mental health protection support to endure what is likely to be a prolonged battle with the pandemic, says the Canadian Association »

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COVID-19 continues to target seniors

A day after Ontario’s chief health officer issued a stark warning to seniors to self isolate and British researchers released the most comprehensive study yet of why old people are especially vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, an Ontario nursing home »


Postal union asks Canadians to help with protecting its workers

In order to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19, and to protect Canada post workers, the Canadain Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) asked its customers to clean and disinfect mailboxes, handrails, and door handles everyday, in a press release sent »


TC Energy to start work on Keystone XL pipeline

TC Energy Corp. said on Tuesday it would proceed with the construction of the long-delayed $8 billion US Keystone XL pipeline project after getting a $1.1 billion US equity investment from the Alberta government. Once completed, the 1,947-kilometres-long pipeline will »