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Low-carb diet may increase mortality risk: study

Over 60 per cent of Canadians are overweight or obese and many try to lose weight with diets that severely limit the intake of carbohydrates. But new research suggests adopting a low-carb diet is associated with increased mortality. The study» 


Climate change could turn earth into a ‘hothouse,’ say scientists

A new report by an international team of scientists says that even if current emission targets are met, warming could trigger an irreversible domino effect raising temperatures  4-5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels. Currently, global average temperatures have increased just» 

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Safety warnings abound ahead of holiday

July 1 is Canada Day, a public holiday and a time when Canadians do all kinds of crazy things, some of which are dangerous. Summer is so short that Canadians are eager to celebrate on this first holiday of the» 

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Birth control advice for teens should focus on IUDs first, say doctors

The Canadian Paediatric Society says doctors should advise youth that the best way for them to avoid pregnancy is the intrauterine device. The t-shaped device is about one-quarter the size of a person’s palm and is made of plastic or» 

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HPV vaccine is again scientifically proven to be safe: study

Canadian research shows getting inoculated against the human papillomavirus does not increase the chance of getting an autoimmune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis or Bell’s palsy. Some people continue to question the safety of vaccinations in general, in» 

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Mercury linked to dramatic decline of migratory songbirds: study

Examination of tail feathers suggests that mercury is one of the determining factors for the steep declines of many songbird populations that migrate long distances to and from North America. The study by researchers at Western University in Ontario compared» 

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Carbon emissions from tourism growing rapidly

A new study suggests that tourism is growing rapidly and is already responsible for about eight per cent of greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change. A large part of the emissions comes from flights, but this accounting also includes» 

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Indigenous counselling service goes online

The government of Canada established a telephone help line for indigenous peoples in October 2016 and now, it has expanded the service to provide counselling though online chat. Counselling said to be ‘culturally competent’ The free service is available 24» 

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More seniors, greater needs, warn care establishments

Nine out of 10 long-term care residents in Canada’s largest province have some form of cognitive impairment, reports the Ontario Long Term Care Association. Ontario is home to many of the very large group of Canadians born after the Second» 

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Opioid prescription drugs to carry mandatory warning labels

The Canadian government will require opioids dispensed at pharmacies or in doctors’ offices to carry a sticker warning the medication can cause dependence, addiction and overdose. This and other measures will take effect in October 2018 in answer to the»