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Attitudes towards dementia need change: group

There are many misconceptions and outdated attitudes towards dementia, says Mary Schulz, education director at the Alzheimer Society of Canada. The society has just kicked off a social-media campaign to reduce the stigma around the disease. Stigma can be worse» 

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Some medical wait times ‘egregiously bad’: doctor

Canadians have the benefit of free medical care but sometimes they have to wait a long time to get it. “If you have an emergency problem, there’s probably no better place in the world to be than Canada,” says Dr.» 

Greenhouse gas: corporate reporting sketchy, difficult to compare

World leaders have gathered in Paris to discuss the interconnected issues of greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, and climate change and to seek ways to reduce those emissions. An often discussed solution involes carbon taxes, and carbon trading but to» 

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Global warming, mining, and toxic threats

Even as climate talks take place in Paris, global warming has an effect on a particular situation that could involve toxic poisoning of the drinking water of a good part of an entire nation. At a high altitude in the» 

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Water problems need local solutions: new book

Rather than seeing the world’s water problem as one global crisis, author and journalist Marq de Villiers prefers to break it down and suggests there are solutions best taken up locally. His view is outlined in a new book called» 

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Heart, stroke: family history is important for you

One-third of Canadians have close relatives who have had heart attacks or strokes, but many have not talked to their doctors about their own increased risk. The Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation is on a campaign to get them to» 

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Tagging endangered belugas to find winter habitat

A non-profit group is tagging beluga whales in the St. Lawrence River to try to find out where they spend the winter and further the goal of preventing their decline. Two of the small white whales have been tagged so far» 

Health, International, Science and Technology

Leishmania parasite study could help find vaccine

Research lead by McGill University has found an important mechanism behind leishmaniasis, a sometimes deadly parasitic disease transmitted by sandflies. The researchers found that molecules known as exosomes boost the ability of the parasite to infect humans and other mammals.» 

Health, Science and Technology

Gut bacteria influences celiac disease: study

Canadian researchers have discovered that the bacteria that live in our intestines may affect the body’s response to gluten, and that could eventually lead to treatments for celiac disease. This disease affects about 300,000 Canadians. When they eat wheat, rye» 

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Don’t put kids on diets, warn dietitians

Childhood obesity rates have not gone down in the last decades and are at their highest level ever, according to a recent study. But dietitians say it is a mistake to put children on diets. Danger of eating disorders “I»