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Red foxes spread to cities, make good neighbours: documentary

A new documentary features beautiful shots of red foxes and rare footage of newborn pups in their dens. The film called Fox Tales aired on the public broadcaster, CBC, last week and it shows red foxes spreading around the globe.» 

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Unique ecosystems protected in St. Lawrence River

A non-profit conservation group has acquired three new pieces of land in the St. Lawrence River enabling it to protect some unique ecosystems that are home to vulnerable species of plants and animals. They add to areas already protected by» 

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Canada should adopt seafood traceability rules, says group

The European Union and other jurisdictions have rules to ensure that seafood comes from sustainable sources and is caught through fair practices. But there has been fraud. In response, the United States has issued new traceability rules. Consumers should know» 

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Teens at schools that start later get more sleep: study

There has been much debate in Canada about whether high schools should start later so adolescents can get more sleep. Some people argue that if school started later, teens would just go to bed later. But a new analysis of» 

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Canada not doing enough to foster electric cars: report

University researchers have given Canada a C- in their report card on efforts to promote the use of electric vehicles (EV) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This they translate as the country having policies that have a “marginal” impact on» 

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Tactic helps see the fine print without glasses, say researchers

An international team of neuroscientists has found that people can improve their ability to see fine visual detail by looking at a rapidly flickering display for about 10 seconds. There are two major pathways that carry information from the eyes» 

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Over 40,600 acres of forest protected

Various groups and public agencies celebrated National Forest Week from September 18 to 24 to raise awareness about Canada’s forest heritage and its value. The Nature Conservancy of Canada used the occasion to announce 25 projects to acquire and protect» 

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Phase out coal faster, save lives, urges think-tank

The energy think-tank, Pembina Institute is urging the province of Alberta to speed up its promised phase-out of coal-fired electricity plants. The government vows to shut down the 18 plants by 2030. But the institute says doing so faster could» 

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Doctors advised to not talk about weight with teens

Obesity and eating disorders are prevalent in adolescents in Canada and the U.S. and the American Academy of Pediatrics has advice for doctors wanting to prevent both. A new report suggests that they avoid talking to teens about weight and» 

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Summer reading can boost kids’ well-being: author

Summer is short in Canada, but it’s a particularly good time to encourage children to read, says author and parenting columnist Ann Douglas. Canadians tend to think about reading in terms of academic improvement and expanding vocabulary. But Douglas says»