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New test could predict return of prostate cancer

Some men respond well to initial treatment for prostate cancer, but a new test could soon help predict those who will need further and more aggressive treatment. Across North America 260,000 cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed each year. 50,000» 

Health, Science and Technology

Why general anesthetics can cause memory loss

Canadian researchers have discovered why anesthetics can cause prolonged cognitive impairment such as memory loss. Scientists know that about one third of patients who have general anesthetic for surgery suffer some kind of cognitive impairment when they are discharged from» 

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One million people may have undiagnosed diabetes

Every hour, every day, 20 Canadians are diagnosed with diabetes. So far, 3.3 million Canadians have this serious chronic disease and it’s estimated another million have it, but don’t know. ‘A bit of an epidemic’ “There is a bit of» 

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New pesticide bad for bees, ecosystems: coalition

Conservationists have called for the withdrawal of neonicotinoids saying they are killing bees and other insects and are bad for ecosystems, and now groups of farmers and doctors have joined them in condemning a new, related class of pesticide. Flupyradifurone» 

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Gluten-free is big business and misunderstood

Companies are making billions of dollars selling gluten-free products around the world when there is little evidence they are a healthier choice for anyone but few who have celiac disease. Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley and rye» 

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Breast cancer common but some is preventable

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among Canadian women, but up to one third of cases can be prevented, according to research. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Canada and a time when inventive events are» 

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Doctor explains why diets don’t work

One in four adult Canadians are clinically obese and while many will diet, the vast majority will put the wait back on, say recent studies. Dr. Yoni Freedhoff says that can have dramatic psychological consequences and he’s written a book» 

Animals, Environment, Society

Deal to conserve original prairie is finalized

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has finalized the largest conservation easement in the country. It has made deal with 72 ranchers who own a huge parcel of land in western Canada whereby they can continue to use it to graze» 

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Activity mix hikes obese teens’ weight loss: study

Canadian research shows that obese teenagers lose more weight when they alternate aerobic exercise and resistance training rather than just doing one or the other. Scientists have long known physical activity can help people lose weight, but the study out» 

Health, Science and Technology

Artificial sweeteners may raise blood sugar: study

New research suggests artificial sweeteners may set the stage for diabetes in some people.  Acknowledging the study is preliminary, scientists in Israel found that mice who had consumed artificial sweeteners had higher blood sugar and altered bacteria in their gut.»