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Groups sue to stop development in national park

Three environmental groups have gone to court to try to stop a plan to build overnight commercial accommodations in Jasper National Park, in western Canada. There are national parks across the country that were created to protect “representative natural areas» 

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In spite of new studies, expert says ‘reduce salt’

Some international studies published recently question long-held beliefs about salt intake, but a Canadian doctor discredits them and insists Canadians are eating too much. Canadians consume about 3,400 mgs of sodium per day, partly because they eat a lot of» 

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Plane crash survivors shed light on memory, PTSD

Thirteen years ago, 306 passengers aboard a plane over the Atlantic Ocean were told their crippled aircraft would have to land in the water. They lived through 30 minutes of terror, before the pilot located land and glided the plane» 

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Campaign alerts children to decline of bees

Backpacks and lunchboxes are being sold to raise awareness among children of a severe decline in bees that conservationists say is caused by pesticides. While Europe has banned three neonicotinoid insecticides, Canada is re-evaluating them, but, at the same time,» 

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Free website offers latest info on concussions

Concussions have made headlines recently in Canada. New research has emphasized the dangers and lack of awareness about head injuries and one expert says there is “an invisible epidemic” of concussions in Canada. Shelina Babul is a sports injury specialist» 

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Study links oilsands and aboriginal illnesses

Members of the remote aboriginal community of Fort Chipewyan in the western province of Alberta have long worried about pollution from oilsand development nearby and cancer rates in the community. A new study conducted by First Nations groups and scientists» 

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Trying to get Canadians to rethink alcohol

Canadians like to have beer when they watch hockey, drink wine at dinner, and sometimes have cocktails after work. But health officials say they underestimate how much they drink and the cumulative, negative effects on their health. The Canadian Centre» 

Environment, Science and Technology

Botanists to collect plants from far northern land

Four people have travelled by helicopter to a remote and underexplored area of Nunavut in Canada’s north to survey and collect hundreds of plants.  They are part of an ambitious project by the Canadian Museum of Nature to create a» 

Health, Society

Consultants help parents get babies to sleep

Canadian parents often complain they have a hard time getting their babies to sleep and to sleep right through the night. This can disrupt parents’ lives and make them quite miserable. Adults rarely live with their own parents or extended» 

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Canadians underestimate alcohol consumption

Canadians underestimate how much alcohol they drink and that hinders their understanding of the health risks and makes it difficult for health officials to plan how to avert disease and accidents, say researchers at the University of Victoria. Scientists discovered»