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Thumbs up for Ontario law to cut greenhouse gases

A leading environmental group is applauding an Ontario law to cut carbon emissions that cause climate change. Canada’s most populous province has created a legal obligation to reduce emissions by 80 per cent below 1990 levels by 2050. ‘A very» 

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Concussion can affect child-parent interactions

Pre-school children are prone to concussions and a new study suggests that mild brain injuries can adversely affect their relationships with their parents. Good relationships with parents in the early years translate into better social skills later on, say psychologists.» 

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Scientists question Swedish ban on lobster imports

Sweden is concerned that North American lobsters may be invading European waters and it wants the European Union to stop the import of live lobsters. Canada exported millions of dollars of the live crustaceans to Europe in 2015. The European market» 

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Clean energy investment up except in Canada

With the price of oil down it was expected that investment in clean energy projects would decline, but instead it soared around the world except in Canada, according to a new report. The climate and energy think tank called Clean» 

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Historic sand hills area conserved

A leading conservation organization has acquired a 127-hectare property in the province of Manitoba that includes a habitat for many rare and some at-risk species. The Ethier Sandhills property includes sand dunes left over from Glacial Lake Agassiz. That lake» 

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Attitudes towards dementia need change: group

There are many misconceptions and outdated attitudes towards dementia, says Mary Schulz, education director at the Alzheimer Society of Canada. The society has just kicked off a social-media campaign to reduce the stigma around the disease. Stigma can be worse» 

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Some medical wait times ‘egregiously bad’: doctor

Canadians have the benefit of free medical care but sometimes they have to wait a long time to get it. “If you have an emergency problem, there’s probably no better place in the world to be than Canada,” says Dr.» 

Greenhouse gas: corporate reporting sketchy, difficult to compare

World leaders have gathered in Paris to discuss the interconnected issues of greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, and climate change and to seek ways to reduce those emissions. An often discussed solution involes carbon taxes, and carbon trading but to» 

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Global warming, mining, and toxic threats

Even as climate talks take place in Paris, global warming has an effect on a particular situation that could involve toxic poisoning of the drinking water of a good part of an entire nation. At a high altitude in the» 

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Water problems need local solutions: new book

Rather than seeing the world’s water problem as one global crisis, author and journalist Marq de Villiers prefers to break it down and suggests there are solutions best taken up locally. His view is outlined in a new book called»