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Southern B.C. Wolverines face looming threats: study

An ongoing study of wolverines in the southwest of Canada suggests their numbers are good but their populations are isolated leaving them vulnerable to extirpation and other threats. While these animals look like a cross between a skunk and a» 

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Over half of Canadians see or suffer bullying at work: poll

A public opinion survey found that 55 per cent of respondents said they, a co-worker, or both have been bullied at work. The figure was higher for older Canadians as it was for disabled respondents. The survey also found only» 


Major trauma linked to higher risk of mental illness, suicide

People who are seriously injured are at greater risk of being hospitalized for a mental health disorder or of dying by suicide within the following five years, according to a new study. The research involved over 19,000 people who were» 

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Unique habitat in Canadian Rockies expanded, preserved

Canada’s Darkwoods Conservation Area may soon grown by 7,900 hectares ensuring the protection of essential habitat for almost 40 confirmed species at risk. These include grizzly bears, wolverines, peregrine falcons, mountain caribou and whitebark pine. The area will now measure» 


Alcohol killing more women in Canada

A report on the state of public health in Canada found that between  2011 and 2017 states there was a 26 per cent increase in alcohol-attributed deaths among women. At the same time there was a five per cent increase» 

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Dementia: caregivers get online help

Caring for a friend or relative with dementia can be difficult and stressful, so two Canadian doctors have developed a free, online program to help such informal caregivers. “What we saw was the challenges faced by informal family caregivers today,”» 

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Fishermen step up efforts to stop effluent pipeline

Several fishermen vow to block a boat hired to study a proposed pipeline that would dump effluent from a pulp mill into water off Canada’s eastern shores. Northern Pulp wants to build a pipeline overland and underground that would transfer» 


Oceans warming faster than was thought, warn scientists

A new study suggests the world’s oceans have absorbed 60 per cent more heat than was previously estimated by climate change scientists. This means it could be much more difficult to keep global warming below the recommended 1.5 C relative» 


Children ‘bombarded’ with junk food ads on apps

New research has found that three-quarters of children in Canada are exposed to food and beverage ads on social media 111 times per week and most ads are for unhealthy foods. These are foods that are ultra-processed and are high» 

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Not enough fruit, vegetables for environmental, human health: study

The world is producing too much grain, fat and sugar and not enough fruit, vegetables and plant-based protein to feed the current population a balanced diet, according to a recent study. ‘A big mismatch’ “What we found is that there»