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Cheerleading injuries increasing: study

Cheerleading is becoming more popular in Canada and at the same time the number of injuries has doubled in the last 20 years, according to a recent study. ‘Throwing a person in the air’ “It’s a sport where… you usually» 


Major decline in seabirds: ocean ecosystem in trouble

It seems shocking, but a study of seabird populations shows that since the 1950’s there has been a 70 percent decline in seabird populations. Michelle Paleczny is currently a biologist working with Parks Canada, but researched the decline in seabirds» 

Environment, Science and Technology, Society

Ocean acidity could collapse food chain, scientist

The world’s oceans absorb carbon dioxide emitted from burning fossil fuels, making them more acidic and less hospitable to micro-organisms that support the marine food chain, says Alfonso Mucci, a professor of geochemistry and oceanography at McGill University. Ultimately, acidification could» 

Health, Lifestyle, Society

Many students eat less before drinking: study

Almost half of Canadian students change how much they eat before drinking alcohol and some do it for unhealthy reasons, suggests a study out of York University in Toronto. Questionnaires were sent to 3,400 undergraduates studying psychology at the university.» 

Health, Lifestyle, Society

Kids need outdoor, unsupervised play: non-profit

Only nine per cent of Canadian children are meeting national guidelines for physical activity needed to maintain good health, says ParticipACTION, a non-profit dedicated to getting people moving. Children between the ages of five and 17 should get at least» 

Health, Society

Many fail to recognize stroke or take quick action

Stroke is the number one cause of disability in Canada, but a lack of awareness and delays mean too many people are not getting the quick, appropriate medical treatment needed to limit the damage, says the Heart and Stroke Foundation.» 

Health, Science and Technology

Other injuries can cause concussion-like symptoms

Many people with very minor head injuries or injuries to other parts of their bodies can experience severe symptoms like those caused by a concussion, and a new study sheds light on why. The symptoms can be debilitating and include» 

Health, Society

Prof suggests legal protection for obese people

Canada has human rights laws that protect people from discrimination and they should include direct mention of people who are obese, says Bill Bogart, a law professor at the University of Windsor. Bogart wrote a book called Regulating Obesity? Government,» 

Animals, Environment, Society

Greenpeace questions bird deaths at oilsands

Greenpeace Canada is calling for a full investigation into bird deaths at an oilsands tailings pond in the western province of Alberta. Petroleum companies extract oil from bitumen leaving behind ponds of toxic materials that can be as large as» 

Health, Society

Former Mountie writes about PTSD and first responders

She almost didn’t do it, but Deanna Lennox felt compelled to tell her story to combat the stigma around operational stress injuries in first responders and mental health problems in general.  Her memoir is called Damage Done: A Mountie’s Memoir and»