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Former Mountie writes about PTSD and first responders

She almost didn’t do it, but Deanna Lennox felt compelled to tell her story to combat the stigma around operational stress injuries in first responders and mental health problems in general.  Her memoir is called Damage Done: A Mountie’s Memoir and» 

Health, Science and Technology

Emergency surgery riskier for the very obese:study

Nearly one in five severely obese Canadians who undergo emergency surgery will die in hospital, according to a new study. An analysis of operations performed at the University of Alberta Hospital in western Canada found that obese patients require more» 


Environment: an Arctic marine protected area; coming closer

As climate change makes the once remote Arctic more accessible, pressure is mounting to seek the minerals, and oil, and fish reserves thought to be waiting there. One of the world’s most biodiverse areas though is the Lancaster Sound where» 

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Natural remedies given approval without proof

Popular natural or homeopathic remedies are approved by the government department Health Canada with little or no scientific evidence proving they are safe and effective, reports an investigation by the public broadcaster, CBC. $2.4 billion worth of natural health products» 

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Scientists urged to stop relying on self-reports

People are notoriously bad at accurately reporting what they eat and how much they exercise, so scientists should stop basing their research on self-reporting, says an article in the International Journal of Obesity. And people should take with a grain» 

Animals, Environment

Ebola killing chimps and gorillas

While human cases of Ebola are decreasing in West Africa, the virus is taking a heavy toll on chimpanzee and gorillas in Central Africa. The World Wildlife Fund estimates the mortality rate for infected gorillas is 95 per cent and» 

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Salt levels in restaurant food are unchanged

Canadians eat too much salt, and while many chain restaurants have promised to reduce sodium levels in their foods, researchers found little overall change between 2010 and 2013. Canadians eat much more salt than is safe The high consumption of» 

Animals, Environment, Politics, Society

Minister ‘stalls’ on species at risk: scientists

Canada has a law to protect species in difficulty but government delays mean it is not being implemented, say some scientists. The Species at Risk Act was enacted in 2002 and is supposed to be implemented in two stages. First,» 


Interactive atlas shows unique land, animals, maps

A new interactive website will offer spectacular views of the land and animals in Canada’s eastern province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and provide important geographical information. The Nature Conservancy of Canada and Memorial University collaborated to create the Newfoundland and» 

Health, Science and Technology, Society

New test could predict return of prostate cancer

Some men respond well to initial treatment for prostate cancer, but a new test could soon help predict those who will need further and more aggressive treatment. Across North America 260,000 cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed each year. 50,000»