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Questions about Canada vaccine supply and sharing internationally

Even as vaccinations proceed at a good pace in Canada, some new developments have raised questions not only about the AstraZeneca vaccine, but about administration programmes and possible surpluses. Canada, like many nations was desperate for vaccines when they started »

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COVID-19: North American opinions on summer vacation travel, and the Olympics

This is now the second summer of COVID-19 and opinions on travel continue to be varied. Many insist travel restrictions must remain in place to combat spread, while many others indicate they’re getting fed up with restrictions A new survey »

Economy, Immigration & Refugees, International

Backlog growing for immigrant citizenship applications in Canada

Canada already had a substantial backlog of people in Canada waiting for their citizenship applications to be processed when the pandemic hit. A year ago there were almost 90,000 applications waiting for the citizenship test. When the pandemic required offices »

Health, Internet, Science & Technology

Researchers find simple surgery prevents strokes in heart patients

A simple surgery can save patients with irregular heart beats from often-fatal strokes, according to a large international study led by researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. There is an unused, finger-like appendage in the heart which can trap »

Environment & Animal Life, International

Canadian whales to be sent to U.S aquarium

Five beluga whales in Canada are expected to be sent to a U.S aquarium possibly as early as this weekend. Following a long battle to overcome various legal and government approval processes, the four female and one male beluga will »

Internet, Science & Technology

Highly demanded in community, Clubhouse finally roll out Android App

After rapid growth and a flat increase curve aftermath, voice social App forerunner, Clubhouse finally moves forward with a solid stride. On Sunday, Clubhouse announced an Android version is coming to the world. In a press release, Clubhouse says “Access »

Health, Internet, Science & Technology

Bacteria only colonize the gut during and after birth: study

Research in recent years has uncovered the vital importance of a person’s gut bacteria for things such as digestion and overall health. But there has been some controversy as to when bacteria begin to colonize a human. New research has found »


Company pays to encourage employees to get vaccinated

A company north of Montreal is promising to pay its employees $1,250 if they present proof they have had a first COVID-19 vaccination and it will pay the same again when they get their second shot. Countries around the world »

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RCI English section: goodbye

Canada’s international broadcast service from the English language team of Radio Canada International has come to an end. RCI, (originally the International Service, CBC-IS) was initially created towards the end of the Second World War. The purpose was to broadcast »

Economy, International, Society

Greyhound cancels all intercity bus service in Canada

After operating in Canada for nearly a century, Greyhound bus Lines announced yesterday all service in Canada would end immediately. Around 400 jobs will be lost in total. The move is blamed on declining ridership but greatly worsened by the »