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Marc Montgomery
Marc Montgomery
With a passion for anything antique with an engine, and for Canadian and world history, Marc comes with a wealth of media experience. After DJ work at private radio in southern Ontario, and with experience in Canadian Forces radio and tv in Europe, the state broadcaster in Austria (Radio 3), and the CBC in Ottawa and Montreal, he was the host of the immensely popular CBC and RCI show, "The Link". He is now part of the new RCI online team producing stories from and about Canada from coast to coast.

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Climate change: Canada’s prairies- a dust bowl within decades?

While many are saying climate change will result in more massive forest fires like the one in Fort McMurray Alberta, the other changes could be even more dramatic. Right now Canada’s prairies are vastly important food production area for the» 

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Seismic ocean exploration, U.S. scientists and Canadian Inuit say no!

Controversy continues: ocean seismic tests and effects on marine life In 2011 a consortium of Norwegian oil companies applied for seismic exploration of the seabed off the coast of Canada’s Baffin Island. The cross-hatched area indicates zones to be extplored» 

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Curling: new materials, new game, but for the better?

“Hard! Hard! “ yells the skip as team members sweep the ice in front of the heavy curling stone (rock) as it slides down the ice. A technical game of great skill and tactics, curling basically involves just three things,» 

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The mysterious death of iconic painter Tom Thomson: murder? or not?

Though little known in the art world at the time of his death in 1917, Tom Thomson has since become possibly the most iconic of Canadian artists. His profound influence on the famous Group of Seven artists who followed soon» 

The Link

The LINK Online Sat. 28 May, 2016

Your hosts: Lynn, Levon, and Marc The United Nations has warned of a steep decline of bees and other insects that pollinate the plants we use for food. © Lori Weidenhammer Bees are vital to human survival. Without them, there would» 

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Hanako- the world’s loneliest elephant- is dead.

Hanako, meaning ‘flower child’ has died in her enclosure in Japan. Hanako, a female elephant was a gift from the Thai government to Japan and had lived at Tokyo zoo since the age of two. A few years ago Canadian» 

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Canadian art fetches record prices

At the semi-annual live art auction yesterday in Vancouver, a number of Canadian artworks were sold at record prices and high above original estimates. The Heffel Fine Art Auction saw high pre-sale attendance and brisk bidding for the Canadian works» 

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Deciphering ancient religious chants

A unique project is taking place in Canada to better understand ancient religious chants, and how the medieval mind worked. Because the music was not written, the monks would have to memorize up to 80 hours or more worth of» 

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History May 26 1969- Montreal the ‘bed-in’ for peace

They were a world famous and controversial couple. John Lennon, arguably one of the most famous current musicians in the world and artist wife Yoko Ono, had staged their first bed-in for peace in Amsterdam.  That event was part performance» 

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Canada’s threatened heritage

Canada’s iconic wooden grain elevators, a wooden Ukrainian church, the prairie grasslands, a particular lighthouse- these are all parts of Canadian heritage that have been listed as ‘threatened’ this year. The annual list of top ten heritage locations and structures»