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Marc Montgomery
With a passion for anything antique with an engine, and for Canadian and world history, Marc comes with a wealth of media experience. After DJ work at private radio in southern Ontario, and with experience in Canadian Forces radio and tv in Europe, the state broadcaster in Austria (Radio 3), and the CBC in Ottawa and Montreal, he was the host of the immensely popular CBC and RCI show, "The Link". He is now part of the new RCI online team producing stories from and about Canada from coast to coast.

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Stress in pregnancy affects child’s genetic expression

We are learning more about how stress during pregnancy will have an affect upon the children. A new study has been following the children of mothers who experienced the stress of a massive ice storm in Quebec in 1998, which» 

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Polar ice loss affecting gravity

While we think of the earth’s gravity as uniform and constant, there are in fact very slight variations over mountains, lakes, and other geological features, and where density of the earth varies. Now, it’s been determined that climate change is» 

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Booklet against radicalization of muslim youth

The handbook comprises 37 pages.  It tells Muslim parents how to detect warning signs their children are becoming radicalized before it’s too late. The booklet includes sections on the warning signs that youth are starting to become radicalized © CBC The» 

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Alarming toll on world’s wildlife

In just the past 40 years, the world has lost over half its wildlife population. That estimate comes from scientists at the World Wildlife Federation and the Zoological Society of London in a report today called “Living Planet Report 2014″» 

Environment Interview Science and Technology

Identifying Canada’s biggest trees.

They are often huge. They are always majestic and awe-inspiring. Some have been around for a thousand years or even more.  Now a renewed effort is underway to document these giants. It’s called the BC Big Tree Registry Sally Aitken» 

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Cursed British painting (replica) unveiled in Canada

Unveiled at the Glenbow museum this week, the painting is a replica of a grisly work that hangs in London’s Royal Holloway College. It relates to the lost Franklin expedition of 1845 to find the fabled Northwest Passage through the» 

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Canadian Farmers continue fight against trade deal

This past Friday, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and leaders of the European Union signed a finalized text version of a long-negotiated free trade deal with Europe. This “Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement “ (CETA), still has to be approved in» 

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Concerns over investigator bias

There seems no end to controversy surrounding the Northern gateway pipeline project. The oil industry wants to build a 1,177 kilometre pipeline to connect the oil sands in Alberta to a terminal on the British Columbia coast. The British Columbia» 

Arts, Culture, Lifestyle Column

Artist-painter Lorn Curry

When unexpectedly severe budget cuts struck RCI, journalist Lorn Curry suddenly found himself out of work. His retirement plan to take up painting which was supposed to be many years away, was suddenly an option.  Although he had been dabbling» 

The Link

The LINK Online (Sept 27, 2014)

The full team is back with regular hosts with Lynn, Wojtek, and Marc The neutrality of Andrew Scheer, the Speaker of the House of Commons, was called into question by the Official Opposition NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair after a testy»