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Marc Montgomery
With a passion for anything antique with an engine, and for Canadian and world history, Marc comes with a wealth of media experience. After DJ work at private radio in southern Ontario, and with experience in Canadian Forces radio and tv in Europe, the state broadcaster in Austria (Radio 3), and the CBC in Ottawa and Montreal, he was the host of the immensely popular CBC and RCI show, "The Link". He is now part of the new RCI online team producing stories from and about Canada from coast to coast.

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Police tips: Roadblocks for dummies

 A police officer in the city of Victoria, British Columbia has posted some tips for drivers on the police website. The tips come from actual incidents he witnessed during the course of his duties while at various road traffic checkpoints.» 

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Global warming: 99% certainty “not natural”

A Canadian scientist has studied the issue of the causes of global warming and resultant climate change, from an entirely different direction. Shaun Lovejoy (PhD) is a professor of Physics at McGill University in Montreal, and president of non-linear processes» 

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US rules on ivory, snag musicians

Musicians, especially of classical music, have been rethinking plans to travel in or out of the United States.  Many of their instruments contain small bits of ivory and there is a fear they will be confiscated by US Customs. The» 

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Terrorist video threat against Canada and “America”

A new video has surfaced on the internet in which a fundamentalist Islamic fighter directly threatens Canada and then the US and Obama. Michel Juneau-Katsuya is a former senior manager and intelligence officer with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)» 

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Facebook releases surveillance information

The social media giant, Facebook, has released its second report which indicates the number of information requests on users that are made by governments around the world. Facebook doesn’t go into specifics about the information, only basic statistics. The data» 

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Harsh winter, harsh spring

Following the long and bitterly cold winter experienced by much of southern Canada, comes more unpleasant surprise for many areas, in the form of floods. In many cases the floods are being caused by ice jams on rivers. Due to» 

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Unexpected discovery: viral aphrodisiac STD

It was an unexpected finding. While studying stress in crickets connected with fleeing from predators, a researcher and colleagues discovered a unique trait in a virus that may help in dealing with sexually transmitted diseases in humans. Shelley Adamo (PI)» 

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Unique Newfoundland coin sells for almost $103,000

It’s rare. In fact, it’s the only one in the world. In 1865,  when the now Atlantic province of Newfoundland was still a British colony, a test design was struck for a new $2 gold coin. The coin is what» 

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Annual seal hunt begins in east coast Canada

A much smaller number of hunters is out on the ice fields of the east coast this week for the annual seal hunt. Most hunting takes place off the north-east coast of the Atlantic province of Newfoundland involving herds of» 

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Ranking the most distinct and most endangered, birds

 A trio of researchers in British Columbia had been instrumental in a unique international effort involving the world’s birds. They created lists ranking birds in order of their evolutionary distinctness, and to what degree they are threatened with extinction. Arne»