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Marc Montgomery
Marc Montgomery
With a passion for anything antique with an engine, and for Canadian and world history, Marc comes with a wealth of media experience. After DJ work at private radio in southern Ontario, and with experience in Canadian Forces radio and tv in Europe, the state broadcaster in Austria (Radio 3), and the CBC in Ottawa and Montreal, he was the host of the immensely popular CBC and RCI show, "The Link". He is now part of the new RCI online team producing stories from and about Canada from coast to coast.

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Hot computer parts, National Defence fraud

A 33-year-old civilian employee of Canada’s Defence Department has been has pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and breach of trust. Andrew Heggaton worked for the Canadian Forces Cryto Support Unit began stealing computer parts in June 2011, and continued» 

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New book about ‘analog’, the comeback kid

Radio was supposed to replace newspapers, Tv would replace radio, video would replace tv, and digital replace them all including vinyl records and cssettes Not only has that not happened, but in his new book David Sax says many analog» 

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Climate change: Are polar bears doomed?

All populations could decline by 30 percent by 2050 A just released report has cast even more concern about the future of the polar bear survival as a species. The international study involved research scientists from the US, Canada, and» 

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Developing artificial intelligence- boon or bane?

Some people think the development of artificial intelligence  (AI) will yield enormous benefits and advances to mankind. Others, equally intelligent, say we are likely heading down a dangerous path that could lead to the end of mankind. This would be» 

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Montreal’s big, ugly Christmas tree

It’s Christmas, and a central attraction is always the Christmas tree, whether in the home or the city centre. It is a major symbol of the season. Indeed, In major cities across North America, a big central Christmas tree is» 

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History: December 6, 1941 – War, spies, even James Bond

The small isolated farm in southern Ontario was the perfect spot. On December 6, 1941, it was declared ready. It had everything that was needed; lots of room far away from any neighbours and curious eyes and ears, the lake» 

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Commercial animal transport laws: Still not humane says Animal Justice

Animal rights activists have long decried the conditions for transporting farm animals to slaughterhouses in Canada. There are long distances to travel and often harsh physical conditions of extreme cold or heat, and overcrowding. The animals are subjected to what» 

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Welcome to winter in Montreal…Oh Noooooo!!!

After an unusually warm November, today sees the first real snowfall Montreal has seen this winter, and the fun (so-to-speak) has just begun. It caught a number of motorists off guard on the relatively steep Beaver Hall Street in the» 

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Less ice means killer whales moving into new northern areas

It has usually been a very rare occasion to spot killer whales in the Arctic. With their high dorsal fins, they traditionally kept away from the northern regions. With climate change and sea ice in the Arctic and Hudson bay» 

The Link

The LINK Online Sun. Dec. 4, 2016

Your hosts this week Lynn, Levon, and Marc A woman enters Maple High School in Vaughan, Ont., to cast her vote in the Canadian federal election on Monday, Oct. 19, 2015. © PC/Peter Power Canada’s voting system is called “first past»