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Mosaiculture: back by popular demand

Mosaiculture, the horticultural wonder that was such a hit last summer, is opening today in the same location across the river from the parliament buildings in Ottawa. Last summer, Mosaiculture was first created to mark the 150th anniversary of Canadian» 

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Natural forest corridor, rich biosphere protected

With the help of the government of Canada, the Nature Conservancy of Canada has acquired land to protect 48 hectares along the Rideau Waterway near Lake Ontario. The land is comprised of towering granite ridges, rich forests and pristine shoreline.» 

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Indigenous People’s Day: more observances across Canada

National Indigenous People’s Day began in Canada’s largest city, Toronto, with a Sunrise Ceremony. At 5:30 am, people gathered in Nathan Philips Square, in front of Toronto’s iconic City Hall. Native elder, Garry Sault, led the ceremony and Mayor John» 

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Canada was ninth-largest recipient of asylum seekers in 2017

War, violence and persecution drove 16.2 million people from their homes in 2017, bringing the total number of displaced persons in the world to 68.5 million, according to the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR. ‘Canada should be proud,’ says lawyer» 

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World’s biggest environmental crime investigation

Environmental crime estimated at $150 billion/yr Wildlife and forestry crime is the fourth largest crime area internationally after illegal drugs, counterfeiting, and human trafficking. Things like killing elephonts and rhinos for tusks and horns has long captured world media news,» 

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Cannabis law approved: legal October 17, 2018

Cannabis consumption will be legal in Canada on October 17th, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this afternoon. Canada’s upper chamber, the Senate, approved Bill C-45, last night by a vote of 52-29 vote with two abstentions. The proposed bill had gone» 

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U.S./China tariff dispute could lead to world economic slowdown

The financial world is waiting and watching the escalating tariff dispute between China and the United States amid fears an all-out trade war would hurt economies around the world. Together, China and the U.S. represent about half the world economy.» 

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Digital divide in Canada, reason for concern

Digital literacy is an increasing priority these days as the economies of the future depend on a basic level of skills and comfort in the digital realm. Canada has a very digitally savy population in those over 30, according to» 

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Analysis of Supreme Court decision against a Christian university

Civil rights lawyer “it’s an anti-diversity decision” A private evangelical university wanted to open a law school.  Trinity Western University (TWU) in British Columbia however has a covenant on behaviour  which includes such things as no cheating, no alcohol on campus,» 

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U.S. separation of families sparks call for Canadian action

The outrage over the United States separating asylum-seeking parents from their children has elicited a demand that Canada rescind a refugee agreement it has with the U.S. The Safe Third Country Agreement stipulates that anyone who comes to an official»