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Eye on the Arctic video archive: Arctic Hunting Now

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North This week on Eye on the Arctic, we’re dipping into our video vault for a look at hunting culture in today’s Arctic The last time Eye on the Arctic was in» 

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Attack on net neutrality could limit your choices

U.S. changes could affect users worldwide The United States is considering repealing rules that guarantee freedom on the internet and that could give telecom companies unprecedented power over content. Although the changes would happen in the U.S. they could affect» 

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Canada: study looks at opioid use in light of health crisis

Canada is experiencing an opioid crisis. There have been many deaths due to overdoses, usually from street drugs, but also prescription drugs. A new study released this week says there’s been a 54 per cent increase in opioid poisonings/overdoses  in» 

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Effects of concussion: longer than thought in young brains

A child gets hit hard or falls hard while playing a sport, say hockey, Judged to have suffered a concussion, they’re kept out of play for about three to four weeks after which the effects and “damage” have seemingly healed» 

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Close for-profit blood clinics, urge advocates

In 1997, an inquiry into a catastrophic tainted blood crisis concluded that people should not be paid for blood donations, yet the Canadian government is about to approve the opening of a third, private, for-profit clinic. The Canadian Health Coalition» 

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Arctic data shows no pause in global warming: study

Researchers have long puzzled over an apparent contradiction in climate change calculations that suggested global warming may have paused or slowed down between 1998 and 2012 even as increased emissions of greenhouse gases in that period should have accelerated the» 

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Mega mergers in food industry: Opposition to Bayer-Monsanto deal continues

One of the biggest corporate mergers has elicited strong protest around the world. Bayer and Monsanto, already each a giant, are asking to merge into one multi-billion dollar mega corporation of pharmaceutical chemical, genetically modified seed giants. Many see the» 

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Lawyer urges more action on deportations

There are about 15,000 foreign nationals on Canada’s list for deportation but some of them cannot be expelled because their countries will not take them back. Some work and contribute to society. Others are in detention because they are either» 

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Jurors who face gruesome, long trials may need help

A Canadian government committee is examining the impact of jury duty on those who are called to serve.  Jurors may suffer psychological effects and financial losses, particularly in cases where the evidence or testimony is particularly horrific and the trial» 

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Foreigners with Daesh: best to kill or reintegrate?

(posting comments open : to post or read comments-scroll to very bottom of page) As Daesh (ISIS) collapses, the risk- and fear- is that hundreds of radicalized foreign fighters will return to their home countries. Several Coalition countries have announced»