Canada’s burgeoning cannabis industry and the US border

Since the announcement that recreational cannabis would be legalised in Canada, there have dozens of new cannabis industry start-ups. Management teams formed, investors investing, workers hired for greenhouses and retail outlets. But, in the U.S, federal law still lists it» 

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Science needed to solve world issues, say Canadians

A new survey suggests that 75 per cent of Canadians think that critical challenges facing the world will need to be solved by science and technology. But more than half also think society is turning away from science in favour» 

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Hurricanes, floods: ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet,’says insurance expert

Canadians need to learn from the hurricane and the floods devastating North and South Carolina, says Glenn McGillivray, managing director of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction. This is an independent body created by Canada’s insurance industry to reduce the» 

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Another step toward defeating resistant/tolerant bacteria

Researchers in Canada have found a potential weakness in one of the most common, serious, and even deadly bacteria that has been difficult to treat with antibiotics. Dr. Dao Nguyen (MD. MSc), is a scientist from the Translational Research in» 

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NAFTA to “SHAFT ‘YA” Derek Burney suggests

NAFTA talks continue with little to show for the effort. The North American Trade Agreement, between Canada, the United States and Mexico, is twenty-four years old and is being renewed and renegotiated in Washington. But U.S. President, Donald Trump announced on» 

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No one is ever too old to remember–and honour–Terry Fox

It’s been 38 years now–the spring and summer of 1980–that Terry Fox first won our attention with his unlikely and gutsy run that took him half-way across the country–a run he had to cut short because he could no longer» 

Symbiosis: inter-generational co-housing at McMaster University

Symbiosis is the name Soumeya Abed came up with for the inter-generational co-housing program at McMaster University. A research scientist in the Department of Medicine, Abed tells me it was personal experience that motivated her to start the program. “Based on» 

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Is Asian dust warming the Arctic faster than thought?

Desert dust effect on a changing Arctic climate A Canadian researcher has discovered what appears to be an aspect of Arctic temperatures that has not been noticed before. That is, the effect of Asian desert dust on satellite temperature readings» 

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Calgary’s possible bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics rolls forward

Supporters wishing to bring the 2026 Winter Olympics to Calgary made it through another gate on Tuesday. City council voted to move forward with a bid process and to hold a plebiscite on the matter in November. Tuesday’s vote had» 

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Gold find in Australia the big one for Toronto-based company RNC

Gold was recognized in the mine but nickel was the bread and butter of the operation, until last week. That’s when Toronto-based Royal Nickel Corp. or RNC Minerals began to realize they’d found a mother-lode of gold at the Beta Hunt Mine»