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The Reproductive Justice Story Project is listening

The Reproductive Justice Story Project was started by Kate Macdonald following a rough experience giving birth in Toronto’s St. Joseph’s Health Centre. “I had full-blown post-partum PTSD, I felt totally violated, and it really, really took a toll on me» 

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Obesity: an ounce of compassion (and a bit of understanding) can prevent a ton of hurt

Think about it for a sec as we finally approach the ever-expanding boundaries about who we can say less-than-toward things about. Where is that final frontier? Hint: Think about your thoughts when that  person carrying too much weight struggled up» 

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St. Patrick’s Day parade, the 195th edition in Montreal

St. Patrick’s Day is an occasion that has been celebrated since the Irish began arriving in Canada. In Newfoundland it’s even an official holiday. Festivities are becoming increasingly popular, taking over university campuses for better or for worse, and more communities» 

Deliberately racially divisive, or necessary discussion in Canada?

An assistant professor from Saskatchewan has stirred up quite a controversy over a speech he was invited to give at Trent University in Ontario. The main title was “It’s OK to be Against White-ness” Michael Capello (PhD) is and anti-oppressive» 


Get kids to help with meal preparation, urge dietitians

Almost half of Canadians surveyed say they find it challenging to eat a balanced diet when they are busy and the country’s dietitians are trying to help. March is Nutrition Month and Dietitians of Canada are promoting good food saying» 

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Stephen Hawking remembered by Canadian student who proved him wrong

Stephen Hawking is being remembered around the world after his death at home in Cambridge was announced in the early hours this morning. Described as a “visionary theoretical physicist”, Hawking’s amazing mind was matched by a spirit that proved “disability”» 

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Day Zero for Cape Town water, what about Canada, and elsewhere?

Cape Town in South Africa is edging ever nearer to becoming the world’s first major city to run out of water, literally. This is due to an ongoing multi-year drought. Other areas around the world are also threatened with potential» 


Deep ocean exploration reveals first views of rich ecosystem

A large expedition off Canada’s western coast has yielded high-definition video of life 200 metres below the surface. The area explored included stunning fjords and deep waters of great cultural ecological, cultural and economic significance. “This is the first time» 

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Steel tour for Prime Minister Trudeau continues

Steel tariffs and the impending prospect of a global trade war have the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, visiting the communities that will be most affected. Last week Canada and Mexico were temporarily exempted from a 25 per cent tariff» 

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Don’t fret, your anxieties can be dealt if you treat them right

Virtually everybody feels anxious or fearful about things, at least sometimes. And guess what? You can do something about it…without medication. Take obsessive-compulsive disorder. Are you one of those persons who keeps checking to see if you locked the door»