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Economy, International

What to do, or not do, in times of financial uncertainty

Stock markets are tumbling, people are losing huge value on their investments as panic selling sets in. The drop in value is such that automatic systems have halted trading on at least a couple of stock markets. But what should» 


Coping with Covid, federal government pledges $1 Billion

With the declaration of a Covid-19 pandemic, and the first recorded death from the virus in Canada, the federal government pledged a billion dollars to both fight the virus and mitigate the effects on society. Ian Culbert, is the executive-director» 

Arts and Entertainment, Economy

Recording vanishing history in Manitoba

For a biology professor in Winnipeg, an interest in history has become almost equivalent to a full-time passion. Gordon Goldsborough (PhD) is a professor of biological sciences at the University of Manitoba, and president of the Manitoba Historical Society. Away» 

International, Internet, Science and Technology, Politics, Society

Efforts to bring female voices to journalism in Africa and the Middle East

For too long, women’s voices and perspectives have been silent in much of world. The Canadian group Journalists for Human Rights is changing that. The group is launching an ambitious multi-year programme in several African countries to train female journalists» 

Environment, Health, International

Air pollution- a silent pandemic

As the world fights a battle with the Covid-19 virus, researchers point out that deaths from air pollution constitute a lesser realised but very serious chronic threat worse than most diseases. Researchers estimate that some 8.8 million premature deaths annually» 

International, Society

Sanctuary off Nova Scotia: a home for whales who spent lives in aquariums

A U.S.-based conservation group has chosen a site off the Nova Scotia coast to build a retirement home for entertainers who have brought joy to hundreds of thousands at the expense of their own mental and physical health. Ladies and» 

Internet, Science and Technology

Kids Code Jeunesse launches campaign to teach children about algorithms

In our digital world, algorithms play a big role in how people consume and experience the internet.  That is why Kids Code Jeunesse alongside the Canadian Commission to the United Nations Education Science and Cultural Organization launched the Algorithm Literacy» 

Immigration & Refugees, International, Politics, Society

Tension as migrants mass at Greek border

Turkey has said it can no longer support the mass influx of migrants from Syria and elsewhere. It says it will no longer keep them from attempting to cross into Greece and Bulgaria as they seek to head into European» 

Economy, Society

Fraud, identity theft increasing, Canadians seem complacent

The agency which tracks all types of fraud in Canada estimates the cost of mass marketing fraud, (phone, internet, mass mailing, e-mail, personal contact) to be almost $130 million per year. This is what is reported, but apparently only a» 

Economy, Environment, Politics, Society

Federal politician takes the gun licence course

In Canada where the often bitterly heated debate about firearms has been raging on and off for decades, a federal politician decided he needed to be informed by fact, not opinion. Tako Van Popta is the Conservative Member of Parliament»